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Welcome to the exciting world of Forensic Science where you will learn about profiling serial killers and drug identification.  Get real hands-on training in Crime Scene Investigation like CSI Photography, evidence collection and dusting for fingerprints.  Learn how to identify prints that can be matched to a suspect print.  Other topics include ballistics, death investigations, domestic violence and street gangs.  
In Administration of Justice you will learn about constitutional law, laws of arrest, search and seizure.  You will also learn about the courts system, infractions, misdemeanors, felonies, the rights of juveniles, as well as what it is really like to have a career as a police officer.
Mr. Drylie is a retired police officer who brings 33 years of experience to the classroom.  Take your first step in a possible career in law enforcement and related fields.
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Quarter 1 (8/12-10/9/2020) and Quarter 3 (1/2-03/12/2021)
Period Class Monday Zoom Time
Zoom Time
Per. 1  Administration of Justice 9:10 8:30
Per. 3  Forensic Science 10:35 9:55
Per. 5  Forensic Science 12:00 11:20
Quarter 2 (10/13-12/18/2020) and Quarter 4 (3/15-6/3/2021)
Period  Class Monday Zoom Time
Zoom Time
Per. 2  Forensic Science 9:10 8:30
Per. 4  Forensic Science 10:35 9:55
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