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Theater Arts & Choral Music

Theatre Arts promotes learning the essential vocabulary and processes of theatre as well as reading, writing, and researching theatrical literature, acting and some technical theatre. Acting experience in this course includes exploring the concepts of self, body and voice work, improvisation, acting techniques, and reading and writing related to theatre study. In addition, students learn about and reflect on various aspects of theatre through history and in different cultures, as well as the various forms of theatre and theatre-related media. This course develops creativity and spontaneity in those students wanting to explore theatre, as well as those who wish to commit to a theatre program.

Choir is comprised of a select group of singers interested in studying and performing advanced forms of choral literature (including, but not limited to, chant, Renaissance, baroque, classical, 20th century, folk, African-American Spirituals, jazz and world music). The group represents the school at functions throughout the community as well as at concerts and festivals. Members must be dedicated, committed and present a clean-cut image. Attendance at all performances is required. Choir is an auditioned ensemble of La Serna students able to single multi-part music (4–8 parts). Choir fulfills the district and UC requirements for Fine Arts and/or elective credit.