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Virtual Enterprise- Senior Business Academy Class

Welcome to La Serna's Virtual Enterprise class. Our goal is to create a small business and execute it at our Trade Shows. We hope to attend three Trade Show's this year where we will compete against over 100 schools across California and also some schools from New York. 
Here you will find out information about our new Business this year,
Beach DaysThis year's business was founded by Eric Borunda and Kyla Carrasco. The senior Business Academy worked hard in the first few weeks of the school to decide on a business they knew could be successful.  Below are some pictures of the leadership team conducting job interviews.   
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Jeannine Chavez
    "Do your beach day, the      easy way!" -Eric Borunda
Kyla Carrasco
Marco Hernandez
VP Sales
Valencia Anzo
VP Marketing
Melissa Romero
VP Fundraisers & Events     Victoria Lopez
VP Human Resources           Summer Castro
Adrian Sosa
Business Writer
Breanne Medrano
Events Coordinator          Brianna Sanchez
Web Designer
Diego Cruz