Front Cover - Holly Vance

Leading students to appreciate, enjoy, and produce writing that encourages critical thinking and self-exploration remains my primary goal and passion as an English teacher. My career at La Serna spans more than two decades (yikes!), and I also am a part of Rio Hondo's part-time faculty. As a published writer, I practice my lessons regularly.  
Access to Google Classroom is critical for students and helpful for parents. I post the daily agenda, assignments, and links to other helpful sights. If you'd like to receive updates regularly, please create a google email account and email me at [email protected] so I can invite you to your child's class' page. 
I utilize Google Classroom to post assignments and communicate with students. As long as students check in daily, they will get all the information they need to keep up with work. Please email me with any concerns: [email protected]
2019-2020 Teaching Schedule
Zero Period: AP Language and Composition
Period 1: AP Language and Composition
Period 2: English III Green and Clean Business Academy (GCBA)
Period 3: GCBA English IV
Period 4: AP Language and Composition
Period 5: English III CP