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La Serna High School

The Puente Experience

The Puente Experience written by Julissa Estrada

How it helps the students:
It has affected many Puente students with their academic success because of all the extra attention the Puente school counselor gives their students and the encouragement to keep going, work hard, and succeed in their studies. The extra attention students receive from their school counselor makes a tremendous difference. The Puente school counselor and teachers work hard to prepare Puente students for college/ university as best they can.

What Puente offers:
Puente offers many opportunities for their students. Some of the benefits Puente provides their students are; encourages community service, prepares students for college, maximize their students potential. They encourage community service by requiring Puente students to have 150 hours of community service before graduating. They also offer hours cleaning up their local beaches, organizing fundraisers, and other activities. Preparing students for college is a vital part of this program because the teachers and school counselor are focusing on the students futures by wanting the best for them and guiding them through their high school career.

"The Puente Program made me feel as if I am able to achieve my educational dreams and attend the college of my choice".
-Julissa Estrada, Puente Class of 2015