Senior Project » Calendar of Due Dates 2021-2022

Calendar of Due Dates 2021-2022


Google Site Instruction and Maintenance

  • 5+ Experiences
  • Online or Live/In person
  • Student choice


November 8-10          

In Class Proposal Presentations/Topic Selection

5 sources and “game plan”


December 15 

First Draft Due Date

  • 5+ full pages minimum requirement (5-7 pages)
  • Works Cited/Consulted Page (5 sources)    


January 13

2nd Draft (Teacher Edit) Due Date

*February 9         

Final Draft Due Date

*February 11

Google Site Due Date

February 16- March 9

In Class Practice Presentation    

Appropriate Attire

Media presentation


*March 10-11

Live Senior Project Presentations            


*denotes no late work accepted

Please communicate any challenges or if you need more information with your current English 4 teacher.



SP Student Due Dates 2021-2022