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La Serna High School


Engagement/Field Work:

Minimum 5(+) Experiences

Online/Virtual or In Person/Live


  • Optional connection to research paper
  • Videos or movie shorts created by student (should be accessible on the Google apps)
  • Visit museums
  • 2 year Community Colleges, 4 year Colleges, and Universities
  • Class instruction or enrollment, certification, completion, training, lectures, workshops
  • Volunteering, actively participating in an experience
  • Building/creating , developing/maintaining,
  • The possibilities are endless- think about your topic and how to reach/impact others while discovering your strengths
Students may do more than the minimum requirement

Additional experiences may be collected from any of the following areas:

  • career topics
  • personal interests or hobbies
  • cultural topics, events, experiences
  • community/civic volunteerism
  • current social issues
  • college-going investigations
Students will be using Google Sites to keep track of their Experiences 
Enrichment and Discovery: This is the student's opportunity to explore new interests, delve deeper into their passions, enrich or develop new skills while educating themselves about possible paths for the next year.





Use the following link to make sure everything on your google website

is ready for the presentation