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La Serna High School

Attendance/ Saturday School



Parents/Guardians you must send a note with the student after an absence.  Student must go to the attendance window with the note for their re-admit slip.
  • Students absent more thanconsecutive days will need a Doctor's note to clear the absence as an illness.
  • Students missing for personal vacation can be cleared for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. Any additional day is posted as truant. The student can clear truancy by attending Saturday school. Each Saturday School clears one full truant day. 
    •   Whenever possible, please schedule all vacations and other events for non-school days. 
  • Students with 10+ parent-cleared absences will require a doctor’s note to clear as illness.
    • Furthermore, teachers reserve the right to not allow students to make-up missed work. Without a Dr.'s note, no school work needs to be provided by the teacher (including quizzes and tests).
  • Students and Parents may verify absences via the Aeries portal.
  • Picking up a student:
      • Please provide your student with a note to give them permission to leave campus. They will need to bring this note to the attendance window to be issued an off-campus pass. The note must include: students full name, ID number, date, and time of release.
      • Parent or guardian must come up to the attendance window with picture ID if no note was sent with the student. 
  • Questions regarding un-cleared absences:
    • May be addressed with the Attendance Office.
    • May only be resolved within the current grading period.
    • Students contacting teachers regarding “possible” attendance errors may do so ONLY within the current grading period.


Students must attend Saturday School to clear absences.  Students may not attend school dances unless absences are cleared BEFORE the event.  This also applies to being a guest at another school. 

Saturday School hours: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

Students are to report to Room A201.

We encourage students to arrive by 7:55 am so as not to be marked tardy.  


This is a great opportunity for students to:

  1. Make-up truant days or accumulated period cuts
  2. Make-up missed assignments / test if arrangements made with teacher.
  3. Clear any full day unexcused or truant absence so that student may attend school dances and activities


  • The student is responsible for coming prepared with books, schoolwork or something to read (newspapers are allowed).
  • Cell phones, IPod, and other electronic devices are not allowed in Saturday school class.  
  • La Serna High is NOT responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Electronic devices must be on vibrate or turned off at all times.
  • Electronic devices may be confiscated if heard or seen. 
      • First offense: parent is required to pick-up the item.
      • Second offense: the item will be kept until the following school day (Monday).
  • Student must attend for the entire 4 hour period in order to receive credit.
  • Students who fail to follow instructions will be removed from Saturday School. NO credit will be issued for the time served.  Students will be referred to the Dean of Students for further consequences if applicable.


  • Suspension for defiance
  • Loss of off-campus lunch privileges
  • Loss of athletic eligibility
  • Possible transfer to an alternative educational setting
  • Loss of eligibility to attend dances at La Serna and other schools


         Direct line

(562) 907-6925




Attendance Coordinator

Juanita Garza ext. 6041,


Attendance Clerk III

Stefania Mustain @ ext. 6040


Attendance Clerk II

Megan Fine ext. 6042

Absence Codes:


A - Absent
X - Personal 
I - Illness-Parent Verified
J - Illness-Dr. note rec'd
O - Other-Excused
Y - Truancy
F - Funeral
G - Government 
T - Tardy < 30
U - Tardy > 30 
V - Tardy, Excused <30
W - Tardy, Excused >30 
6 - School Activity
7 - Testing
S - Suspended
8 - Viewpoint
5 - Office
3 - Saturday School - Involuntary
2 - Saturday School - Voluntary