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La Serna High School



La Serna High School (562) 907-6925



Parents/Guardians must clear absences within 3 days of an absence.
  • Students absent more thanconsecutive days will need a Doctor's note to clear the absence as an illness.
  • Students missing for personal vacation can be cleared for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. Any additional day is posted as truant. The student can clear truancy by attending Saturday school. Each Saturday School clears one full truant day. 
    •   Whenever possible, please schedule all vacations and other events for non-school days. 
  • Students with 10+ parent-cleared absences will require a doctor’s note to clear as illness.
    • Furthermore, teachers reserve the right to not allow students to make-up missed work. Without a Dr.'s note, no school work needs to be provided by the teacher (including quizzes and tests).
  • Students and Parents may verify absences via the Aeries portal.
  • Picking up a student:
      • Please provide your student with a note to give them permission to leave campus. They will need to bring this note to the attendance window to be issued an off-campus pass. The note must include: students full name, ID number, date, and time of release.
      • Parent or guardian must come up to the attendance window with picture ID if no note was sent with the student. 
  • Questions regarding un-cleared absences:
    • May be addressed with the Attendance Office.
    • May only be resolved within the current grading period.
    • Students contacting teachers regarding “possible” attendance errors may do so ONLY within the current grading period.


Students must attend Saturday School to clear absences.  Students may not attend school dances unless absences are cleared BEFORE the event.  This also applies to being a guest at another school. 

Please refer to the Saturday School tab for additional information.


Attendance Staff

(562) 698-8121 


Attendance Coordinator

Juanita Garza ext. 6041,


Attendance Clerk III

Veronica Castanon ext. 6040,


Attendance Clerk II

Lynda Betsworth ext. 6042,

Absence Codes:


A - Absent
X - Personal
I - Ill-Parent Verified
J - Ill-Dr. Verified
O - Other-Excused
Y - Truancy
F - Funeral
G - Government 
T - Tardy < 30
U - Tardy > 30 
V - Tardy, Excused <30
W - Tardy, Excused >30 
6 - School Activity
7 - Testing
S - Suspended
8 - Viewpoint
5 - Office
3 - Saturday School - Involuntary
2 - Saturday School - Voluntary