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La Serna currently offers 3 academy programs. A brief introduction as to what each academy offers it's students is listed below and further information about can be found by clicking on the individual website link. 

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Academy

La Serna High Schools Small Business & Entrepreneurship Academy is a three-year program, beginning in the sophomore year. The Academy mission is to provide a sequential course of study relating to Small Business & Entrepreneurship giving technical preparation for employment or a path to post-secondary education upon graduation of high school. The Academy is comprised of a chosen team of students who have a positive, cooperative attitude with fellow students and teachers, as well as willingness to work hard.


Students in the program participate in an integrated meaning centered curriculum designed around the Labor Secretarys SCANS report and La Sernas Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. The sequence of courses prepares them to think conceptually, solve complex problems, and communicate their ideas. The curriculum also provides students with opportunities to apply concepts and skills in a meaningful real-world context and to learn many skills applicable to careers. Academy students also have the opportunity to meet people from business and industry, take field trips, participate in community service, and gain valuable work experience contributing to their success after high school. Articulation contracts are in place with Tri-Cities ROP and Mt. San Antonio and Cerritos Colleges for computer application credit, which allows some students to earn college credit while still attending high school.


For more information regarding the B.E.A. Academy, click the link below

Academy Advisors: 
Sandy LopezErica Anthony, & Eric Summers


Film & Media Academy website

As a Los Angeles based school, we want to take advantage of our citys proximity to the film industry by teaching job skills in all types of film media. The focus will include (but not be limited to) costume design, production, acting, directing, commercials, graphic design, and film editing. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, go on field trips to film locations, shadow professionals in the field, and be inspired by guest speakers.


This program will be a three-tier structure. Students will enter as sophomores and leave as seniors, studying with the same classmates all three years in order to build an artistic community. Each tier will build upon the last, moving students from basic comprehension of such programs as Photoshop up to a mastery of Final Cut Pro. In addition, the Academy will coordinate themes and topics with Science, English and Social Studies so that the student receives a holistic learning experience. Whether students pursue a career in a film-related arena or not, the skills gained will be transferable ones that can be applied to any career path.


This Academy is an excellent way to stimulate students intellectually and train them for possible careers in the arts.


For more information regarding the Film & Media Academy, click the link below

Academy Coordinators: Amber FoxErica Anthony, & Todd Boschman


Sports Careers Academy website


Adding breadth to the La Serna High School ex-perience by empowering students through a challenging yet supportive curriculum to guide them toward future sports oriented career paths.


After successful completion of the sports career academy, students will have knowledge to pursue higher education for careers as:


  • Athletic trainers
  • Physical therapists
  • Medical assistants
  • First Responders
  • Sports broadcasters
  • Sports analysts
  • Sports marketers
  • Sport agents

The academy is just the beginning ...

For more information regarding the Film & Media Academy, click the link below

Academy Advisors: 
Kathy AbellMichaele Cavenaugh, & Michelle Ortiz