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About Me:
Hello there! Welcome to the Digital Photography page at La Serna High School and to your favorite class. I have been teaching at LSHS for the past 16 years and LOVE it! I was born and raised here in Southern California, and started learning photography when I was in high school and eventually went on to UCLA to graduate with a Fine Arts degree. I fell in love with teaching and later got my Master's degree from Cal State LA in Art Education. In addition to teaching, I also have been shooting professionally for the past 10 years and with this knowledge I am able to bring relevant and industry standard practices that working photographers use in their everyday businesses to my students. When I am not teaching or shooting, I also LOVE to workout and inspire other women to do the same, while also chasing after my twins, traveling the world with my husband, tending to my chickens and gardening. 

Course or Student Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of photographic composition and development of a "photographic eye."
  • Demonstrate competency using various features on the camera to have creative control of their photographs.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history of photography.
  • Be able to decide what type of lighting & lighting equipment to use in a given situation to produce optimum results.
  • Demonstrate how the elements of art and principles of design alongside photographic composition can create a compelling photograph
  • Understand how to use photo-editing software to improve the overall appearance of images
  • Understand how the critical thinking, creativity, resource and time management skills learned in this course apply to other arts and to other career areas.
Advanced Photography
Co-Lead of the Film & Media Academy
Green & Clean Academy
ROP CTE Teacher
Google Classroom Codes: 
Period One: srj3h9
Period Two: ybmb25k
Period Three: 45bjokv
Period Four: zbdlt5t
Period Five: hirya4p
Period Six: 41xyk1m
Advanced: nlsgkff
Personal Sites:
You can check out my photography and see that I am legit to teach you everything I know about photography @
I also am a health & wellness coach, so if you want to see me in action check out my fitness site
Social Media: 
And you can follow my photo page on IG @amberfox and my fitness page on IG @ amberfitfox