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General Information


                                  January 17, 2019 First Drafts DUE                                     6 pages, 5 cited sources, works cited, MLA format

                                  February 13, 2019 Final Draft DUE                                                             6 pages, 5 cited sources, works cited, MLA format                                                      February 20, 2019 Google Sites DUE                                10 topic related engagement, 5 non topic related exploration

March 14-15, 2019 Senior Project Presentations


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Changes to the Senior Project

    • Research paper no longer strictly tied to fieldwork; hoping for more diverse, interesting paper topics
    • Mentors are no longer required.  
    • No more portfolios; students will be using Google Sites to show involvement  
    • 15 experiences (they need to defend their participation), not hours from any involvement in the following list-
      • College (exploring, visiting, applying, financial aid/scholarship)
      • Civic (current issues, legislation, marches, writing senators/gover nment)
      • Community (volunteering, participating, helping includes school events)
      • hobbies/interest (learning, teaching, sharing)
      • Career (interviewing, shadowing, interning)
      • Cultural (local landmarks, encourage diversity and sensitivity, compassion)
      • Creative (drawing, painting, sharing passion and vision, beautifying)
  • Moving towards growth and change by active involvement in their own chosen passions



Senior Project Requirements 

Senior Project is the culminating project that encompasses all the skills you have learned the past three years allowing you to exhibit and display them.  Be advised completing the Senior Project is mandatory for you to graduate. 

The Senior Project is divided into 4 major components:


Exploration/Topic Selection

  • 5 Days/Experiences that help students select a specific area of interest for their senior project.  Students may choose from a variety of experiences to help them focus on a topic.
  • Choose from activities/experiences from the following areas to explore
    • career topics
    • personal interests or hobbies
    • cultural topics, events, experiences
    • community/civic volunteerism
    • current social issues
    • college-going investigations

Expression/Research Paper

• Board-approved topic, successful research process with notecards

• MLA Format

• Typed, double spaced

• 12 point font

• 6-8 page paper excluding title page, works cited and/or works consulted


Engagement (Topic Related Experiences)

• 10 additional TOPIC RELATED days/experiences voluntary non-compensated work minimum (experiences should be related/connected to your research paper)

  • Interviews (limit 2 interviews)
  • Surveys (should be a sample size of 50 to count.  Use the Google apps)
  • Videos or movie shorts created by student (should be accessible on the Google apps)
  • Class instruction or enrollment, certification, completion, training, lectures, workshops
  • Volunteering, actively participating in an experience
  • The possibilities are endless- think about your topic and how to reach/impact others while discovering your strengths

Additional experiences may be collected from any of the following areas:

  • career topics
  • personal interests or hobbies
  • cultural topics, events, experiences
  • community/civic volunteerism
  • current social issues
  • college-going investigations



• 7-10 minute presentation to a community panel board.

• Appropriate business attire

• Question and answer period

• Visuals displaying student’s physical involvement in field work


Additionally, the Senior Project is only one component of English 4. Successful completion of English 4 is a combination of Senior Project grades and traditional coursework in the classroom setting, which is mandatory to meet graduation requirements.


If you need further assistance, please contact your student's senior English teacher.