Accessing Your Course
All course resources will be posted in Google Classroom.  This includes announcements, daily assignments, and other class materials.  Students are automatically added to Google Classroom via Aeries.  You can only access Google Classroom using your account, so please ensure that you are signed in before attempting to access course resources.  
Parents, you can request access to your student's Google Classroom.  If you're unsure how to do so, email me at [email protected] and I will happily walk you through the process.
Course Materials
We rely heavily on our course packet, which is provided in class.  Digital copies can be found in the Helpful Resources section of Google Classroom.
If you are enrolled in (or plan to take) Calculus or Stats, consider purchasing a graphing calculator.  A class set of graphing calculators is available in the classroom for daily use.  Ms. Herbert also has some suggestions for free apps that emulate a graphing calculator for home use.  Ask in class or send her an email for more info.
Contacting Ms. Herbert
Email (preferred): 
(562) 698-8121 ext 6187
After 3:00, please!