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La Serna High School

Mrs. Glass's Homepage

2020-2021 Teaching Schedule
Period Days Class
1 M-F AP Calculus AB
3 M-F AP Calculus AB
5 M-F Geometry
Students:  Please see Google Classroom for specific class assignments.
Parents and guardians:  Please feel free to email me as needed.
Dear Parents and guardians,
I look forward to another great year at La Serna High School and thank you for your continued support to our students as they strive to be their best every day, especially during this unprecedented time.  With your support, I know we will have a great year and students will learn, grow and be prepared for all that lies ahead.
Zoom Schedule:
 Mondays     Tuesday-Friday
Dear Students,
Welcome to a new school year.  This year will certainly be different but hopefully it will be memorable and exciting. I know we will all learn a lot together and I look forward to our Zoom meetings, and I really look forward to when we can all be together in person at La Serna.  I have worked hard this summer to learn and prepare so that I can teach you to the very best of my ability.  I look forward to a great year together, even in a virtual setting, and I know we will look back on these times with pride knowing that we continued to learn and grow even during very challenging circumstances.  
Special note about online learning:   you will be assigned work to do in the afternoon after our zoom meetings every day of the week.  Be careful to complete your assignments and practice good time management.  Don't wait until the last minute to complete your work.
While working from home, please keep the following guidelines in mind to help you stay healthy mentally and physically:
(Thank you to Coach Orr for the following suggestions:)
- Develop a daily routine/schedule - stay on top of your school work each day so that you do not get behind
- Maintain healthy sleep patterns:   don't stay up all night and be ready for your morning classes
- Eat healthy food and avoid junk food as much as possible
- In the evening, go for a walk/run, do push ups and sit ups, yoga, etc. to help you decompress
- Avoid excessive social media: this will keep you from being stuck and discouraged
- Continue to spend time with your family and help out around the house
- Wear a mask, practice social distancing and be safe
I look forward to seeing you in our daily Zoom meetings.
Mrs. Glass