2020-2021 Distance Learning Teaching Schedule
Students MUST use their WUHSD issued username and password to access Google Classroom and Zoom. All work is posted in the "classwork" tab of Google Classroom. Students are required to actively participate in learning.
***PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Please track your child's progress frequently via the Parent Portal.  All grades are recorded in AERIES.  earned at the end of each Quarter will go on each student's Semester 1 final grade. 
Quarter 1 & Quarter 3 periods Quarter 1 (8/12-10/9) Class Period Monday Only Zoom Time Tuesday through Friday Zoom Time
Biology 9:10 AM 8:30
3 Env. Sci. 10:35 AM
5 Env. Sci. 12 PM 11:20
Quarter 2 and Quarter 4 Quarter 2 (10/13-12/18) Class Period Monday Only Zoom Time Tuesday Through Friday Zoom Time
2 Env. Sci.
9:10 AM
4 Env. Sci. 10:35 AM 9:55
6 Biology 12 PM 11:20
link to google classroom

Distance Learning Phase 

  • All assignments are posted in Google Classroom. 
  • Every student is already enrolled in Google Classroom (check your student email account or AERIES for the GC code).   
  • Each class has a Remind code only for correspondance during instruction time or in the event of technical difficulties on Mrs. Medina's end.
  • Be mindful that Zoom sessions are scheduled daily (M-F) and the Semester is only 9 weeks long.
  • Emails will be answered in the order received between 8am to 3pm, M-Th and 8-2pm on Friday.