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This course provides the opportunity to analyze and explore the elements and principles of design through the use of two-dimensional presentations.  Students will learn the various techniques and the use of media and materials.  They will gain a broad understanding of art historical references and a variety of cultures in order to give increased depth to their own creative expression.  Students will respond to their own artwork and the artwork of others through writing and discussion. Upon the foundations students learn in Art 1, students have the opportunity to advance their skills all the through to AP Studio or Art 4 Workshop.

Period Class Link to Google Classroom  
1 Prep Period    
2 Art 2 Period 2  
3 Art 2, Art 3, & AP Studio
4 Art 2, Art 3, & Art 4 Workshop Period 4  
5 Art 1 Period 5  
6 Art 1 Period 6  
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Please check out our La Serna Visual and Performing Arts Website!!! Included is our 2nd Annual Virtual Art Show from 2020-2021. Congratulations to our La Serna Fine Artists!!
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