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Mission Statement
Sports Career AcademyAdding breadth to the La Serna High School experience by empowering students through a challenging yet supportive curriculum to guide them toward future sports oriented career paths.
Sophomore Junior Senior
English 2 * English 3 * English 4  *
World Civilization * US History * Government/Econ
Science * Science * Advanced Sports Med **
Fitness for Life (PE Credit) ** Sports Medicine** Elective
Math Math Elective
Elective Elective Elective
* Represents Academy Classes
** Represents Career Technical Education Classes (only available to students in the Sports Careers Academy)

Life After the Academy

After successful completion of the sports career academy, students will have knowledge to pursue higher education for careers as:

Athletic trainers
Physical therapists
Medical assistants
First Responders
Sports broadcasters
Sports analysts
Sports marketers
Sport agents

Characteristics of the Applicants
Interest in sports and/ or medicine
Reliable, Responsible, and Dependable
Willing to learn and work hard
Collaborative worker
Passing grade (of C or better) for both semesters of biology (may be completed during summer school)
Academy Advisors
Dave Rooks & Kathy Abell