Sam Knaak La Serna Art and Film Teacher

Sam Knaak has been teaching at La Serna for 22 years.  Mr. Knaak has a fine arts degree from Biola University, a masters in education from Biola, and a minor in english and film.  Sam Knaak teaches in La Serna's film and media academy as the second year Film Production course, and third year Advanced Film Production.  One of the highlights of the advanced course in the academy program is a short film that students develop, write the script, shoot on location with professional talent, camera, lighting, sound, wardrobe and ends with all student editing.  This short student produced film is then shown in a local theater with a red carpet premier.  Art classes also have a final end of the year showing with the La Serna Art Show that happens in May.  Mr. Knaak is also working toward teaching a animation course at La Serna in the future.  
Period Class Link to Google Classroom Zoom Meeting Time Starts
2 Art 1 Period 2 8:30 AM (Oct 13 - Dec 11)
4 Art 1 Period 4 9:55 AM (Oct 13 - Dec 11)
6 Art 1 Period 6 11:20 AM (Oct 13 - Dec 11)
Period One: Art 1 Sem. 1a
Period Two: Art 1 Sem. 1b
Period Three: Advanced Video Production Sem. 1a
Period Four: Art 1 Sem. 1b
Period Five: Beginning Video Production Sem. 1a
Period Six: Art 1 Sem. 1b