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Helpful Study Aids



  • KEEP all handouts that I give to you in class in the SPANISH section of your binder or folder. These will be RESOURCES throughout the year.
  • Have a good Spanish/English dictionary. (Harper/Collins, Langenscheidt, or Larouse, are some good publishers.)  The student store at La Serna sells dictionaries as well.
  • Purchase of copy of 501 SPANISH VERBS (GREAT resource for verb conjugations). This is available from any bookstore in the language or reference section.


These websites are helpful (you may find others equally helpful):
  1. my.hrw.com (website for the textbook which includes practice quizzes & other activities)
  2. www. conjuguemos.com/spanish (Great resource for Spanish practice)
  3. studyspanish.com/tutorial (Practice Spanish verb tenses, vocabulary)
  4. www.verbix.com  (Extensive verb practice)
  5. http://www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/sequence1.html (Ser & Estar practice)
  6. http://www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/sequence1.html (Sequence of tenses review)  SPANISH 3
  7. http://www.quia.com/jg/381589.html  (Reflexives)
  8. www.cnnenespañol.com  OR www.esyahoo.com  (News and information in Spanish)
  9. www.trinity.edu/mstroud/grammar (Interactive Spanish practice)
  • Be an active listener and participant in the classroom. Ask questions whenever you need clarification. 
  • Practice material introduced in class. Say the material aloud; practice with your classmates.  Write e-mails in Spanish to friends or relatives who speak Spanish. 
  • Write vocabulary & verb forms several times. Make certain that you write them
  • Review the material at home daily.
  • Listen to Spanish television programs. Record them and then watch in 10 minute  If you do not understand it, watch the program again. (PBS has the children’s program “Plaza Sésamo”, the weather forecast in Spanish is a good start, or the news.)  Listen to a Spanish radio station.
  • Speak Spanish with your classmates outside of the classroom.