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Oasis Detailed Program Description

A big part of the OASIS program is the "team" concept. Students and mentors are placed on teams. Each team has 4-6 students and 3-4 academic mentors. At the end of every week, students obtain progress reports from all of their teachers. For each rating of Outstanding, student receives two points. A Satisfactory rating is worth one point. An Unsatisfactory rating yields 0 points. At the end of each week, scores are totaled for each team and rewards are given for outstanding performances. At the end of each month, the team from each period with the highest score wins the monthly "championship". Championship team members are each rewarded with a $10.00 gift card to local favorites such as Starbucks, Jamba Juice, McDonalds, or Target. In addition to these incentives, mentors and students who earn a semester 1 report card with no F's and no U's receive an OASIS tee shirt and are eligible to go on our Spring Reward Field Trip. In the past few years, that field trip has taken students and mentors to local colleges, a day of ice skating, the California Science Center, Los Angeles County Zoo, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The teams and prizes make it fun and create an atmosphere of positive peer pressure.