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Welcome to Film & Media Academy!

La Serna's Film & Media Academy is designed to have a creative curriculum that immerses students in film media, preparing them for future study &/or careers in the film and art industries. Students have multiple hands on activities that are great for the kinesthetic learner and for those that love art.

During SOPHOMORE year students have the opportunity to learn everything about photography, focusing on how to use Mirrorless & DSLR cameras, editing in Lightroom & Photoshop, composition, posing people, how to photograph commercial items and even learning off camera lighting in our gorgeous studio and outside.
JUNIOR year students are introduced to a variety of media editing softwares beyond what they learned in their sophomore year, like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and learn about Graphic Design. The students are also introduced to Video Production principles and will fall in love with media arts. 
SENIOR year, the students learn the basics on how to produce a film, work with various programs, learn how to style costumes, learn production, acting, directing, commercials and film editing. 

In addition, this academy allows students to go on awesome field trips to film locations, art museums, shadow professionals in the field & be inspired by guest speakers.

If you want to further your education in film & media, this academy allows you to get a grasp of the field profession you are interested in! We hope you join us!

Film & Media Academy Teachers


Amber Fox

Digital Photography (Sophomore Year)

Christie Martinez

World Civilizations (Sophomore Year)

Andrew Canales

English 2 (Sophomore Year)

Gina Alexander

U.S. History (Junior Year)

Sam Knaak

Beginning Video Production (Junior Year)
Advanced Video Production (Senior Year)

Jonathan Turner

English 3 (Junior Year)
English 4 (Senior Year)