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La Serna High School


Welcome to the
Green and Clean Business Academy

An Introduction to the Academy

La Serna High School's Green and Clean Business Academy teaches valuable skills and knowledge that begins sophomore year and continues through senior year. Students who chose the academy usually exemplify strong character, a willingness to work hard, and an interest to become a collaborative worker. The specialized curriculum exposes students to real-world situations in business. This includes the opportunity to meet people from the fields of business and industry, take field trips, participate in community service, and gain valuable work experience that will be sure to contribute to success outside of high school.

What Can The Academy Do For You?
Provide a collaborative learning environment
Develop interpersonal connections with their teachers
Learn through cross-curricular projects
Be guided by business and higher education representatives
Incorporate technology as a tool for problem-solving and project-production on an ongoing basis
Participate in community service projects (Adopt-A-Beach and Chamber of Commerce Mixer volunteers)
Participate in mock interview experiences with business and personnel specialists
Participate in the Whittier Area Student Chamber of Commerce
Academy Advisors

Erika Anthony
If you have any questions or comments regarding the academy feel free to contact the GCBA administrators at