Welcome to the Green and Clean Business Academy!
Green and Clean Business Academy was the first Career Path Academy (CPA) established on La Serna's campus in 1995. CPAs infuse Career Technical Education (CTE) as a part of its general education curriculum. Starting sophomore year carrying through senior year, students work with a team of teachers in academy pure classes to acquire skills pertinent to all aspects of business. These skills are taught in CTE specific electives and nurtured within traditional English and History classes. Students who chose the academy exemplify strong character, a willingness to work hard, and an interest to become a collaborative worker. 
Academies are built on partnerships within the school structure help to bridge with community leaders working and thriving in business. During its inception, La Serna worked closely with Mike Ames from California State University at Fullerton's Small Business Institute. Today, the specialized curriculum exposes students to real-world situations in business. This includes the opportunity to meet people from the fields of business and industry, take field trips, participate in Whittier Chamber of Commerce, and get a behind-the-scenes view of operating a successful business.
Academy Coordinators: