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Classes for GCBA

All participants of Green and Clean Business Academy will be a unified group taking the same classes.

Sophomore Year: The Beginning Year
Sophomores will start the exciting new GCBA with English II, World Civilization, and ROP Computers.
English II- Mr. Canales
World Civilization- Mr. Verstegen
ROP Computer- Ms. Fitzgerald

Junior Year- Middle Ages
Juniors will have already learned more about GCBA and start preparing for senior year. Classes: English III, U.S.History, and Digital Arts.
English III- Ms. Vance
U.S. History- Mr. Verstegen
Business Photography- Mrs. Fox

Senior Year- The Big Time
Seniors will be setting up their business idea and form that business for the the imminent and educational trade shows. Classes: English IV, and Virtual Enterprise.
English IV- Ms. Vance
Virtual Enterprise -- Ms. Fitz