College Application Workshops Class of 2024

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Need help with understanding Personal Insight Questions? Click Here or Here. This link will take you to a video titled "UC Berkeley Personal Insight Questions Workshop," where Assistant Director in the office of Undergraduate Admissions, Amber Bundy Davis from UC Berkeley, gives insight into what UCs look for in PIQs.
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You can also checkout the presentation from our Cal SOAP representative:
Trouble writing in your activities on the CommonApp? Try:
What class goes where for A-G on my college applications?
Simple! Check out what classes satisfy each A-G Requirement on this website.
Need help? Come to College Corner to talk to Ms. Arellano.

Impaction at the CSU

As you get ready to apply to the CSU, you may find that a campus or undergraduate major you're considering is "impacted," meaning there are more applications from qualified applicants than there are available spaces. If you're interested in an impacted major or campus, be sure to apply for admission during the initial filing period, October 1 to December 4.

To find out whether a program you’re interested in is impacted, use the impaction database below to search by campus name and applicant level (freshman or transfer student).

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Check out the official UC website for more information:
You can also check out UC Santa Barbara's Admissions Youtube page: